1996-2004 Mustang (EXCEPT COBRA w/ amber turn signals)
2005 Mustang kits NOW AVAILABLE

NOW available !!!!!
prewired kits NOW available for 96-04 & 2005
Please visit our manufactures website at
http://www.webelectricproducts.com for these and other great items.

These are the most reasonable and easiest to install "Mustang specific" kits available, yet of the highest quality
Simple installation only requires the cutting of one (1) factory wire per side and a couple of connections to wire modules,
No need to cut and replace your inner lamp sockets like the "other" kits with our included exclusive connectors.
Absolutely NO core charges, hidden costs, or additional parts required with this complete ready to install kit.
This kit was designed for a "Mustang specific" application and is NOT one of the 1 kit fits all makes type kits. These kits come complete with 2 modules (one per side), exclusive single to dual filament inner lamp conversion connectors, and complete instructions to install.
And best of all only require a couple of basic hand tools and abilities to install.

Newly designed modules work with factory flasher so there is no need to replace flasher for simplified installation

Order now for just $89 (shipping included*)

* within US, for other destinations please inquire


STS-1M, Priority Mail Shipping....  $89* 

STS-1M, Priority Mail, Insured....  $91* 

For STS payments through mail, please make payable to:

WebElectric Products
P.O. BOX 24153
Mayfield Hts, OH. 44124


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Check out our

**One Touch Down window module kits**

Allows One Touch Down window control of passenger window (94+)
Allows drivers side or passenger side One Touch Down window control (87-93)
simple 5 wire install !!!!!!!!
Original Ford manufactured module and harness

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HOT !!!!! 5/04/04 update

convertible styling bar module

Control the light bar/styling bar mounted brake light to operate only when top is DOWN, no more LED brake light glaring in the interior when top is UP.
Module senses convertible tops position and
AUTOMATICALLY turnes styling bars brake light ON or OFF depending upon whether top is in up or down position.

Module also has the capability to alternate between styling bar and trunk/spoiler mounted brake light depending upon tops position.
Top UP ? ....... trunk/spoiler mounted brake light is ON while styling bars is OFF
Top DOWN ? ...... trunk/spoiler mounted brake light is OFF while styling bars is ON

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