130 amp 3G alternator conversion for 86-93 Mustangs

Disconnect your battery cables prior to starting conversion.

Remove serpentine belt, disconnect both connectors from old alternator and unbolt/remove.

You will need to cut the flat plug off approximately 1"-1˝" from the connector these will be the only wires that will need to be cut.

Test fit new alternator in bracket and check for clearance, most brackets require a small notch to be removed from the brackets inner web, a small die grinder or Dremel tool will accomplish this task.

Once new alternator has been bolted in you are ready to make the wire modifications.

The white w/black striped wire will now be soldered to the small spade connector pigtail on the 130-amp, It is recommended that this connection be protected with heat shrink tubing.

The two larger black w/orange striped wires that are left will be placed together and soldered into the large lug terminal on the rear of the new alternator.

The voltage regulator connector is the same for both new and old alternator, no modifications will need to be done to this connector and it will simply plug right into the 130-amp alternator.

You can now reinstall both the serpentine belt and battery terminals at this point.

Your conversion is now complete, enjoy the new found power output of the 130 amp 3G alternator.

This proceedure is to be used only as a guide,

Please take all the necessary precautions and be sure to protect all connections to insure a moisture free and secure bond.

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