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Page 1 OTPDW module wiring diagrams for both driver/passenger installation of the OTPDW module

Page 2 ABS schematics diagrams of ABS wiring for transplanting into fox Mustangs (must have ABS exciter rings)

Page 3 3G conversion guide a guide for installing the 130amp 3G alternator on 86-93 Mustangs

Page 4 Anti-Theft module upgrade a guide for installing a motion sensor on the factory Anti-theft module found in 94-00 Mustangs

Page 5 SN95 Fuse/Distribution box Fuse and relay diagrams w/legend for SN95 fuse/power distribution boxes

Page 6 Fox Fuse box  Fuse Box diagrams w/Legend,(Includes Fuseable Links)

Page 7 87-93 Fox fog light rewire  A how-to diagram/guide
THE remedy for headlight failure when fog lights are on
This is how it should have been wired !!!

Page 8 94-98 remote programming  proceedure for programming the 94-98 keyless entry remotes.

Page 9 96-03 STS install A diagram for installing STS
(sequential turn signals)

Page10 SN95 airbag trouble codes/clearing A guide for diagnosing and clearing SN95 airbag trouble codes

Page 11 Headrest removal A guide for removing the 79-03 seat headrests

Page 12 87-93 radio diagram Wiring diagram for standard/ NON premium radio connections

Page 13 86-93 engine component locations Complete sensor and component locations for 86-93 Mustangs with EEC-IV computer and MAF (86-88 SD similiar with exception of MAF and fuel pump relay location)

Page 14 88-93 Mustang o2 sensor harness identification Connector diagram for identifying 88-90, 90-93, T5, and AOD harness configurations

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