After removing the trunk liner panel on the left side (will need to remove rear panel first ,also front panel on convertible to allow it to come completely out without damage) to gain access to the keyless entry/anti-theft mounting panel ,plug in the AT module using the 2 connectors that are next to the bracket.

The connectors are about 1 wide and are flat, one is gray and the other is black. Plug them into the module and place the module into the bracket on the front of the panel that is marked "Anti-Theft module"

You will need to remove a small gray dummy plug that has a green wire that loops back into itself, it is located about 6" away from the module towards the front of the car between the module and the fenderwell. (This is the plug that will allow the module to disconnect the ignition switch when alarm is set off)

To arm Anti-Theft use factory keyless remote and lock doors. Theft light on dash will light for about 30 seconds and then go out, It is now armed.

Open door and verify alarm is working, to silence alarm press the unlock button on remote, it is now disarmed.

When ignition is turned on light will stay on and will continue to stay on a few seconds after car is started.

Light will also blink as a reminder to arm when doors are opened as well.

The Anti-Theft module is now working correctly.

For further instructions/details on functions of the Anti-Theft system consult owners manual.

To wire in a shock sensor to the Anti-Theft module, locate a 6 wire connector about 12" away from the module towards the front of the car, this is where you will tap into to add the shock sensor.

Using a 3wire shock sensor (+,-,trip) you will tap into the wires at this connector connecting the following wires.

Sensor BLACK wire to black wire at connector (ground)

Sensor RED wire to white/yellow stripe wire at connector (constant 12v)

Sensor ORANGE wire to tan/teal stripe wire at connector (trigger *grounding*)

(Typical sensor wire colors, some brands may very)

(Verify constant power source (white/yellow striped wire) with ignition off)

Shock sensor was mounted next to A-T module on the metal inner structure and 2 small holes were drilled in trunk panel to allow sensitivity adjustment and to view LED light for setting sensitivity.

Your mounting location can/may vary.

Set sensitivity to required level for optimal vehicle protection.

Installation is now complete

provided by Musttanguy

copyright 2001