To program (or reprogram) keyless entry remote transmitter into the remote keyless entry module, perform the following steps:

1. Turn ignition switch to RUN or ACC position and momentarily short the two terminals of the Program Connector (two-pin connector next to the remote keyless entry module. Remove LH luggage compartment trim panel to reach the connector). Both doors should lock and then unlock. Remove shorting pin.

2. Press any button on keyless entry remote transmitter. All front doors should lock and then unlock to verify that keyless entry remote transmitter has been programmed.

3. If door locks do not respond, press button again (up to three times maximum with the same keyless entry remote transmitter).

4. Repeat Step 2 to program additional keyless entry remote transmitters into the remote keyless entry module (up to a maximum of four keyless entry remote transmitters).

5. Turn ignition switch OFF. Both doors should lock and then unlock.

6. Check operation.

* The above proceedure is for the 1997 Mustang, other years should be same/similar

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